Starmax Stretch Wrap

STARMAX Stretch Wrap is a known brand for stretch wrap plastic film used for packaging. Stretch wrap is a plastic film with high stretchability and elongation made of different type of linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) and metallocene and cling agent to make it little sticky. The feature of Stretch wrap is to be tightly & strongly stretched and wrapped around any load of products solely or on the pallets to keep it tight, safe and secure during moving or storage…

Manufacturing Proces

There are two different manufacturing process for stretch film where the quality of outcome is also different. Generally, we name them CAST & BLOWN.
Each process has advantages and disadvantages. In both process the material which comes as granule or pellet shape will be mixed together and melted inside the extruder/extruders at the certain level of temperature and then squeezed through die head to become thin and even thickness then suddenly to be cooled down and become solid film with well oriented cells for higher elongation and stretchability.

Machine Wrap Stretch film

For the factories with continues production and packaging line usually using machine wrapping system with high speed wrapping to packing all loads on the pallets with higher height. The machine wrapping machine usually consist of a turn table where the pallet will stop on it at the end of packaging line to then with turning the pallet the machine will wrap the stretch film around pallet from bottom to top then reverse wrapping several times up& down.

Different Type & Sizes

STARMAX WRAP currently offers variety of stretch film rolls as machine wrap with different thickness and length with outstanding quality:

  • High performance machine film
  • Exceptional pre elongation specification
  • tested and quality approved on different machine
  • very transparent and clear

Hand Wrap Stretch film

Throughout the shipping process, merchandise is usually subject to force and stress from rail or truck vibrations, temperature variation, also loading and unloading at distribution centers. How can you make sure your loads will reach to destination in the same condition it was shipped? Your products may be light, heavy, sharp, or oddly-shaped.Stretch wrap is widely using for different purposes in different industries or even at home or offices and stores to packing stuff for moving or keeping in storage. Hand wrap stretch film is good for common consumer packaging where

Uses for Stretch Wrap

Wrapping, packing and bundling products on a skid will let you make fast loading and unloading trucks and easier for worker using lift truck for all movements. Stretch wrap film has numerus advantages to be used widely for final shipping packaging to saves and secures the loads and merchandise from vibration, forces from other loads and roads bumping affects during shipment. It Binds loads together improves the stability of packages making them easier for handling, decreasing possible injuries of workers.

Stretch Wrap Sizes

A variety of sizes available in various gauges, lengths and widths for all your bundling needs. Depends on type of stretch wrap or kind of application you need we can supply you variety of sizes as below:

  • Mini roll hand wrap usually width 3in or 5in with length of 1000ft to 1500ft. the thickness also can be varied 60-100g on a paper core of 1in, or 2in or 3in. also the roll can be with extended paper core handle or additional plastic handle
  • Hand wrap stretch film usually roll width varies 12-18in width length of up to 2000ft and thickness range of 60-120g. also paper core can be 1,2 or3in.
  • Machine wrap stretch film usually come as jumbo roll with width of 20in and 5000ft to 8000ft length and thickness of 90-120g.

As said all above sizes can be decided with end user according his facilities and requirements and we are here to assist you choosing best possible specification for your requirement.